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Camp Fuji History
Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji history

Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji

Mt Fuji History

Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji has come a long way from the austere living conditions of the past.

In 1983, initial modernization projects were completed which improved the fire department, barracks, permanent personnel mess hall security building, and sewage treatment plant. In 1986, the medical clinic and a cold-storage facility became operational.

In 1987, open squad-bay style barracks and maintenance buildings replaced tents and Quonset huts.Base History


In 1993, two more barracks were completed and in 1994, a new BOQ, gym, and post office opened.

In 1995, a new command post was completed and all roads aboard the camp were paved.

In 2002, the new community center opened with the new Post Exchange (now the Exchange), Roadhouse enlisted club, Station 4 SNCO and officers club, barber shop, library and food facilities opened. Additional modern maintenance facilities are planned in the near future under the Japanese Facility Improvement Plan.

Artillery History


Future use of Camp Fuji and the Fuji Maneuver Area is expected to continue as in the recent past. This area will continue to provide the realistic, valuable training opportunities required to ensure combat readiness of U.S. Forces stationed in Japan.


Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji