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Request Mast
Opportunity to communicate with the immediate commanding officer and any superior commanding officer in the chain of command up to and including the immediate commanding general


Request Mast includes both the right of the member to directly communicate grievances to their commanding officer and the requirement that the commanding officer consider the matter and personally respond to the member requesting mast.

Request Mast provides a member the opportunity to communicate not only with his or her immediate commanding officer, but also with any superior commanding officer in the chain of command up to and including the member's immediate commanding general. Request Mast also provides commanding officers with firsthand knowledge of the morale and general welfare of the command. 
Who can request mast  
All Marine Corps members should first make every effort to address offending behavior directly with the party responsible, verbally or in writing. You can also discuss the matter with your immediate supervisor and request assistance. If you are unable to resolve the issue informally, you have the right to Request Mast.

Can a commanding officer deny a request mast application?
A commanding officer may deny a request mast application if there is another specific avenue of redress available to the member. The commanding officer should explain to the member why they denied the application and, if appropriate, explain the procedure the member should follow to resolve the issue.  

Who do I Request Mast to?
Aside from your immediate commanding officer, you can also request mast to the first general officer in your chain of command. You cannot submit a request mast directly to the commander of Marine Corps Installations Pacific, Camp Butler, without allowing Camp Fuji's commanding officer an opportunity to resolve the matter first. 

How do I submit a Request Mast application? 
Complete the request mast application form NAVMC 11296 (Rev.05-19) and submit it through the chain of command to the commanding officer.  

  • Enlisted members may get assistance about initiating a Request Mast application from the CATC Camp Fuji company first sergeant and the sergeant major.
  • Officers can get help with their Request Mast application from the Camp Fuji company commander and the Camp Fuji executive officer.

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