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Fuji Environmental page with specific information on how to react to Environmental issues within the Combined Arms Training Center





The ECPSOP an integral part of the Environmental Management System (EMS). The ECPSOP has been developed to provide information and guidance to understand, manage, and comply with environmental programs to ensure:

  • The protection of the environment and other valuable resources; and

  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and guidance.

The Combined Arms Training Center (CATC) Camp Fuji’s EMS provides a systematic approach to ensure activities aboard CATC are well managed & improve with respect to the environment as it relates to risk to mission. 

The Comprehensive Environmental Training and Educational Program (CETEP) information serves as the training element of EMS, and ensures that training and information are available, efficient, and effective in preparing personnel to competently perform the environmental responsibilities that are part of their primary jobs.  Thereby, supporting Head Quarters Marine Corps and CATC’s environmental objectives and targets.   


Environmental Media Areas:

Environmental Program Areas




Air Emissions

Cultural Resources



Drinking Water

Natural Resources



Waste Water

Polychlorinated Biphenyls



Hazardous Waste

Tank Management



Solid Waste

Pollution Prevention



Medical Waste

Spill Prevention and Response



Petroleum, oil, and Lubricants




Components of the ECPSOP

To access the plans and studies required by the MCO 5090.2A, contact the Environmental Section at (315) 224-8401.  The following documents are available for review:

  • Environmental Management Systems Manual

  • Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program plan

  • Spill Prevention and Response Plan

  • Solid Waste Management Plan

  • Hazardous Waste Management Plan

  • (more information to add)

Environmental Section Contacts:

Environmental Manager                                                               (315) 224-8401

Environmental Technicians                                                          (315) 224-8403/8404

Emergency Contact Information:

Immediately call 911 when on base, or 09068617697 from off base.

Spill Response & Notification:

  • Any POL spill of 10 gallons or greater

  • Any amount of POL or hazardous substance (HS) that Is threatening a water source

  • Any amount of POL or HS that is threatening to leave the confines of the installation

  • Any HS spill that is in excess of the reportable quantity of the JEGS appendix (a)

  • Any spill that you feel cannot be properly contained

  • If in doubt call to report what you have witnessed

All other environmental concerns do not hesitate to call (315) 224-8401 during working hours, 08085918979 after working hours.

Environmental Links:

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CATC Camp Fuji Environmental ( official website)

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