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Camp Fuji Logo, created in August 2023
Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji
Gotemba, Japan
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Lee Shelby explains how different types of gloves offer protection while working with electrical equipment to Marines at Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji, Japan, February 15, 2024. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Song Jordan)

Photo by Song Jordan

CATC Camp Fuji offers BITS training

21 Feb 2024 | CATC Camp Fuji Public Affairs Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji

Staff assigned to the Combined Arms Training Center completed the annual Back in the Saddle (BITS) training, February 16, 2024.

“They do it every year to try and reengage the Marines and civilian staff at the beginning of the year, after they come back from a long holiday break,” said Eric Spicher, CATC Camp Fuji safety manager.

During this year’s BITS, the featured guest speaker talked about a work-related incident that changed the rest of his life.

During his presentations, Shelby recounted how he lost of both his hands in great in detail.

He shared a picture of what his burned hands looked like, shortly after the incident and a photo an arm after amputation. He described months of rehabilitation and learning to use prosthetic claws.

Shelby’s presentation resonated with audiences.

“It was very eye opening,” said Lance Cpl. Tyler Campbell, a patrolman assigned to Camp Fuji’s provost marshal office.

Spicher said he believes guest speakers can play an important part in safety related training.

“I noticed the impact that having somebody that’s experienced something traumatic, actually talking to the Marines, instead of somebody they see and hear every day,” Spicher said.

While following safety procedures is routine for Campbell, he said that before Shelby’s presentation, he hadn’t really thought about the possible consequences could be for failing to do so.

During one presentation, Shelby told the audience that he has never held his three children’s hands. He asked both audiences to imagine how they might feel if they were unable to touch a loved one with their hands again.

“I’m very close with my family, so not being able to have that kind of contact with them would definitely affect me in a very harsh way,” Campbell said.

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