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Camp Fuji Logo, created in August 2023
Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji
Gotemba, Japan
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Koji Oba (left), an environmental staff member asks Tim Throckmorton, a Gasboy field engineer, questions about the new payment system during a training session at Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji, March 7, 2024. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Song Jordan)

Photo by Song Jordan

CATC Camp Fuji Fuels System Upgrades

18 Mar 2024 | PEO Land Systems

Dozens of members of the Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji community braved the cold to receive training on how to use the newly upgraded fuels payment system, March 7, 2024.

The Defense Logistics Agency has replaced the fuels payment systems around the world for the Department of Defense.

“DLA wanted something more secure,” Tim Throckmorton, a Gasboy field engineer. “These [systems] use a secure modem that talks directly to [local databases].”

There are a few notable changes with the new system.

The key and key-reader have been replaced with a scanning device and QR code.

A new additional step to the fueling process involves the use of Common Access Cards, U.S. and military drivers’ licenses, and names.
“With our new system people are scanning their CACs now, after they scan the QR code,” said Lance Cpl. Casey Malcolm, an alternate fuels accountant.

If a person doesn’t have a CAC or driver’s license to scan, the Gasboy system allows them to enter their name.

“We can actually see who’s getting fuel,” Malcolm said.  “We can see who’s using fuel more than other sections, which is cool.”

The Gasboy system also processes data faster than the previous fuels payment system.

“With our old system, we would have to download every single transaction from the previous day and then we would upload them to our system, said Malcom, who is originally from Foley, Alabama.  “This new system sends information directly to us within 15-minutes, so it eliminates all the steps we had to do for reports.”


If you missed the training classes, information about how to use the QR Code system is available at every fuel kiosk.

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