Fuji Express


Operation Fuji Express


Exercise of leave outside Japan – particularly leave originating in Okinawa – has been exceptionally challenging throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Marine Corps Forces Japan (MARFORJ) has established Operation Fuji Express (OFE) at Camp Fuji to receive, support, and transport vaccinated MARFORJ personnel returning from leave while ensuring that all applicable COVID mitigation policies and regulations are followed, in order to enable Marines to execute leave during a global pandemic and maintain a disciplined and ready force. Capacity is extremely limited by Space-A opportunities and austere lodging/open squad bay living conditions at Camp Fuji. Operation Fuji Express will manage capacity through a disciplined registration and approval process using an ETP form as the mechanism to initiate registration and receive confirmation of approval.




As of September 17, 2021, the Mountain View Inn is undergoing renovations and not accepting new reservations at this time.



DSN: 315-224-8743 or 315-224-8724 

Commercial (Duty Phone): 080-8591-8983 or 080-8591-8977

Commercial (Base Operator): 055-0896-102 request extension 224-8743 or 224-8724 

Email questions or completed ETPs to: fujiexpress@usmc.mil