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Getting Started
Information about moving to CATC Camp Fuji

Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji

1. Camp Fuji is a dependent-restricted 1-year tour.

2. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will be received with dependents based from location of your last permanent duty station (PDS), if they are not in government housing. If your dependents live in a different zip code than your last PDS, your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders need to be endorsed by your detaching administrative center authorizing you to receive the BAH rate of the actual residence zip code. (Refer to Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) U10408 Table U10E-6 Rule 1 and MCO 7220.56).

3. All E-6 and above rate COMRATS.

4. If you have been assigned to Camp Fuji, contact us in order to get a sponsor.

5. All unaccompanied military personnel are housed in either the BEQ (E-1 to E-5) or the BOQ (E-6 and above).

6. Cost of living allowance (COLA), Overseas COLA Calculator, can be calculated by using the Locality Code by entering our COLA Code: JP067.

7. Family separation allowance (FSA-R) for your dependents, will be received while you are stationed at Camp Fuji.

8. The utility uniform is the normal uniform of the day. It's strongly recommended that you have all of the uniforms and accessories (i.e. buttons, tie clasps, etc.) before coming to CATC Camp Fuji. There are limited uniform items at the Exchange.

There are several details that involve a move to CATC Camp Fuji that look very different from the permanent party service members' moves. Work with your hiring official to address your concerns about your term with the installation. Housing, transportation, dependents, pets, and health care are just some of the issues civilian personnel need to figure out while living in Japan.





First-Class letters and Priority Mail typically takes about 7-10 days to arrive at CATC Camp Fuji. Parcel Post Mail takes about 2-3 months to get here. IDs must be shown when picking up packages.

The unit address is:

HQBN Camp Fuji

PSC 564 Box 080

FPO AP 96387-0080


Personal Property TMO

Notify your local TMO office of your orders 30 days prior to departure for Camp Fuji. The TMO Office located in Atsugi will notify the TMO office in Camp Fuji. Once received, they we will coordinate a day of delivery to Camp Fuji. If assigned to HQBN, Camp Fuji (MCC 20229), the following address should be provided to your current TMO Office for personal property shipping purpose:

PSC 564 BOX 80 
FPO AP 96387

**Shipments usually take 30-60 days**


The cost of living allowance (COLA) you will receive will offset some living expenses.

There are no banks aboard Camp Fuji. There are two ATM's that dispense yen and dollars. Many convenience stores have ATMs that will recognize U.S. ATM / debit cards. Some Japanese banks will also have ATMs that will recognize American cards.

There are Navy Federal Credit Union branches at Naval Air Facility Yokosuka and NAF Atsugi. Service members often visit the branch offices to obtain cash and take care of other financial obligations.




Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji